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Volunteer Voice: Felipe Osorio, Area Manager, East Multicultural Sales at Paychex

Q: Who are you? Where are you from? How did you end up in franchising?

A: My name is Felipe Osorio, a passionate and energetic individual. I’m a Colombian-American who was raised In the great state of New Jersey. I work closely with our Strategic Accounts team who plays a major role in the franchising world here at Paychex. Previously, I lead a sales team in NJ before moving over to my current role, which opened the window into franchising.


Q: What is your role at Paychex? Why is it important?

A: My role at Paychex is Area Manager – East Multicultural Sales. I am very passionate about educating and bringing awareness of franchising to the Latino Market. Paychex has been at the forefront of the Multicultural and Diversity initiative, they saw early on the importance of bridging the gap and opening more opportunities to these communities, specifically the Latino community through franchising.


Q. What excites you most about working with the HLFLC?
A. I have to first start by thanking the current members of the HLFLC, Ericka, Javier, Louie and Roberto who have welcomed and embraced me with open arms. To join the HLFLC with such talented, experienced and amazing people is truly a blessing. The second part that excites me is the level of passion all the members have for educating and opening new doors for many others in the Latino community; it truly is second to none. We are ready to tackle the obstacles and challenges we are facing and are excited to meet those challenges head on with enthusiasm, character and passion.

The HLFLC is the third affinity group launched by the Diversity Institute, which includes the Pride Franchise Leadership Council (PFLC) and the Black Franchise Leadership Council (BFLC). Roberto Litwak, COO, Feher Consulting, HLFLC Secretary & Treasurer provided a synopsis of the overarching goals of the group: "The HLFLC will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of franchising by not only bridging the gap between the Hispanic community and the IFA but also by promoting inclusivity and diversity. Through its empowering educational programs, networking opportunities, and life-changing experiences, HLFLC will provide a platform for Hispanic and Latino franchise professionals to thrive, and for the Hispanic and Latino community overall to see franchising as a pathway to business growth and/or business ownership.”

As we at the IFA Foundation look to the future, we are continually impressed with the caliber of volunteers stepping forward to ensure franchising is the most diverse segment of the industry. Louie Picazo, CEO/Founder, Lola Consulting Group, HLFLC Chair, Marketing Outreach & Advocacy, said it best: The HLFLC is the steppingstone in changing the lack of awareness of what the power of franchising can bring to the Latino business community. The HLFLC strives to educate, advocate, and inspire young Hispanic entrepreneurs to achieve their dream of business ownership through franchising and to provide the more experienced Hispanic entrepreneurs with the opportunity to leave a legacy for the younger generation within their communities. With the support and guidance from the IFA Foundation, the HLFLC’s vision of making change happen can and will be accomplished for many generations to come. Si se puede!