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NextGen In Franchising is creating a talent pipeline for future franchisees, franchisors and suppliers, by engaging and educating the next generation.

The program engages young entrepreneurs and students who are seeking careers and business opportunities in the franchising industry. These young men and women represent a huge talent pool from which to seek future franchise owners, managers and employees for franchise businesses, and entrepreneurs with ideas and energy for new franchise concepts.

More information on NextGen, including the highly successful “NextGen in Franchising Global Competition” is available on the website.

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The Foundation offers a wide range of scholarships to franchise executives and students interested in franchise education, business, and entrepreneurship. Generous donations of IFA members and other supporters make these opportunities possible.

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As a relatively new Canadian franchise looking to break into the U.S. market, brand awareness can be a great challenge,” said Carmelo Marsala, CEO of SprayNet. “That said, winning the IFA’s Franchise Education & Research Foundation’s NextGen in Franchising Global Competition has plugged our brand name into the IFA and has truly taken our business to the next level. The advice, recognition and relationships we’ve built with high-level members of the organization have been unparalleled, and I’m excited to stimulate business ownership as we expand in the U.S.

-Carmelo Marsala

CEO of SprayNet and 2016 NextGen Grand Prize Winner

Founding Sponsor