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IFA's Vetfran Program Recognized Excellence Among Member Companies

Jenna Weisbord, 202-662-0766
Washington, May 26—IFA’s Vetfran Program Announces the Launch of New Designations, Recognizing Excellence Among Vetfran Companies.
The International Franchise Association Franchise Education and Research Foundation’s VetFran Program, which offers incentives for veterans looking to buy a franchise, announced the launch of a new three-tiered recognition system. The new designations, which are inspired by the military’s star system for generals and admirals, aim to broaden the participation base of the program and better highlight the excellence and engagement between veterans and franchise businesses.
“Over the last two and a half decades, the VetFran program has truly exceeded expectations and brought together two of America’s great assets – our veterans and our engines of small business entrepreneurship. It is a mark of VetFran’s impact that one in seven franchises in the U.S. are owned by veterans,” said Gordon Logan, U.S. Air Force veteran and founder and CEO of Sport Clips.
VetFran, now in its 26th year, has been a tireless champion of bringing together veterans and franchises, recognizing that the skillsets of veterans are strongly aligned with the needs and values of franchise enterprises. The program currently has over 650 franchise companies, offering a range of incentives to make franchise ownership more accessible to veterans.
The new recognition system, comprised of 1 STAR, 3 STAR, and 5 STAR designations will help participating companies better showcase the types of incentive packages they offer veterans, as well as encouraging an ever-stronger commitment to the veteran community. A clarity and consistency in the criteria for each STAR designation will also enhance the ability of veterans to better assess and identify franchise opportunities.
VetFran Committee Chair and Franchise Business Review CEO Eric Stites added that “the new STAR system will allow us to provide veterans with a clearer guide to the world of franchise opportunities, while giving us the ability to recognize the extraordinary levels of commitment that many of our members demonstrate.” The different designations are tailored to suit companies of varying sizes, and are designed to provide veterans with more information beyond just an incentive discount.
Brands seeking to join the VetFran program and apply for the STAR designation can learn more about the benefits, designations and read about the proven track record of veterans in franchising at
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