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Introducing DiversityFran

DiversityFran (formerly MinorityFran) is a Franchise Education and Research Foundation program that helps IFA members reach emerging markets, and increase diversity in franchising, while educating minority communities about the great opportunities in franchising. As part of the Diversity Institute, the DiversityFran program uses the power of diversity to accelerate the mission of franchising.

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that minorities will make up 54 percent of the U.S. population, by 2050. And their combined buying power will rise to $2.1 trillion dollars in 2015 – up from $1.6 trillion in 2010. This rapid demographic change creates unique opportunities for franchising. DiversityFran helps participating IFA members successfully engage these emerging markets.

Benefits of Participating

  • Convenient place for minorities to explore franchise opportunities with companies actively recruiting diverse franchisees
  • Preferred speaker at diversity workshops for franchises at events like IInternation Franchise Expo, Franchise Expo South or Franchise Expo West, plus select events hosted by national diversity organizations
  • Regular exposure to diverse franchisee prospects through media promotion, press releases, ads and collateral materials in major cities
  • Tools to help you increase the number of minority franchisees, employees and suppliers in your franchise system
  • Listing in a special DiversityFran section on the Foundation's website
  • Chance to be highlighted in the special Diversity and inclusion issue of Franchising World Magazine
  • Display the DiverityFran logo on your company website and recruitment materials

Participation Criteria

IFA members committed to expanding opportunities for diverse/ new markets in franchising — in employment, franchise recruitment, and vendor relations –may participate in DiversityFran. Companies must demonstrate their commitment through active participation.

My company is committed to:

  • Participating in the one-day Opportunities in Franchising for Diverse Candidates seminars held across the country. You select the cities of interest.
  • Offering incentives (such as, but not limited to, reducing or waiving initial franchise fee, additional marketing assistance) to qualified diverse candidates.

Additionally, we will:

  • Designate a company representative as the DiversityFran program liaison, and work with IFA to develop or enhance our company’s diversity/new markets program.
  • Join IFA’s Speakers Bureau and identify diverse individuals to serve as speakers.
  • Provide IFA with diverse franchisees in our system that can be featured in media interviews and articles.

DiversityFran participants can tailor this program to fit existing recruitment programs, or build programs.

DiversityFran Referral Process

  • Prospects learn about DiversityFran through IFA’s DiversityFran webpage, media and PR outlets, attending DiversityFran sponsored programs and events, and through website links with national organizations serving diverse constituencies
  • Prospects may contact DiversityFran companies directly after downloading the listing on IFA’s website, to inquire about the program
  • Participating companies will provide feedback to IFA on the success of the program, including the number of inquiries received and franchises awarded to diverse candidates

    DiversityFran member companies are recognized as they expand their new markets efforts and increase the number of diverse individuals in their franchise systems.

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